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“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world. Especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is an instant language.” ~ Miuccia Prada

May is here, which means it’s been five months since twelve of us took the course for Color Analysis and Image Consulting at Codeltra Asia. We all came from different background. An ex magazine’s chief editor, a very senior model, a trainer and public speaker, a fashion blogger, an ex banker, a well-known presenter , a fashion designer, an owner of a very well known batik brand, a makeup artist, a salon owner and more. It is an exciting prospect for us to take the course and join this company, founded and led by the classy yet very dynamic lady, Sherly Worth. Codeltra Asia, one of her new endeavour, was launched in 2013. It has two divisions: Codeltra Asia Corporate and Codeltra Asia Academy. We were the first batch of the academy.

Codeltra Asia Corporate specializes in giving training for the staff or heads of corporate companies, on soft skills ability such as communication, body language, etiquette, negotiation and leadership. “Many companies focus all their branding efforts on marketing activities, such as advertising campaigns and packages, yet one of the most powerful brand assets your company has is your people.” wrote William Arruda, who is known as “Personal Branding Guru”, for

The article suggested that to build a strong company brand, you need brand ambassadors (your staff) who are throughly engaged, connected and committed. One of the ways to have this connection with your employees is by promoting their self discovery and teach them personal branding that is learned through having good appearance and mastering soft skills.

Codeltra Asia Academy is the first company in Indonesia that educates individuals who are interested to learn the technical proven method, on how to look best, based on one’s own attributes like skin color, body type, face shape and style personality. The skills and knowledge gained from this course are beneficial to be applied for one’s self, as well as enable him or her to practice the course on clients and becoming a professional image consultant. The certification for the graduates of this course comes from both Codeltra and AICI, one of the largest association for Image Consultants all across the globe that is based in the United States. This means when you graduate and choose to become a member of AICI and Codeltra, your name would appear in the listing of both associations on the website and can be viewed by anyone who need the service.

In Indonesia, image consultant is certainly a fairly new profession, that needs to be widely introduced. Not only for people to use the service, but also for those who wants to launch a new career for themselves. The belief that widely spread is that image consultants are only needed when someone is famous, a public figure or a celebrity. However, the profession gain popularity worldwide. People realize the importance of making the right impression and use this service regularly. Image consultants start to become part of the team that helps one’s life easier, alongside secretary, personal assistant, personal trainer, life coach, and hairdresser.

Everyone might need to groom themselves on different occasion at various times of their life. So much so, that it creates specific career for some consultants. There are those who specialize in grooming professionals in corporate world, some focuses their services for first graduates who will go to interviews, some are handling image of top politician leaders, others specializes in grooming people who will go on a date, and some specialize in helping ladies who simply need to revitalize their appearance. The possibilities are endless.

It certainly is an industry where you explore the mix of art and color, inner and outer beauty, love and trust, personal and professional. Does it sound interesting for you? It does make me wonder which one I want to explore deeper.



Indira Anggraini
Associate Image Consultant
Codeltra Asia

Facebook: indira anggraini
Instagram: indiraanggraini

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