Our Associates

Winda Malika Siregar

Associate Director, Trainer

A prominent and well-respected name in Jakarta’s social scene, Winda Siregar is an Associate Director and a Trainer at Codeltra Asia.

She started her career in the fashion and media industry working as the Editor-in-Chief for L’Officiel Indonesia magazine when it was first launched. As of now, she is the Co-founder and Head of Lifestyle Division at Imagerie International, where she is responsible for producing photography and video exhibitions in many arts and fashion industry, as well as the President Director of Adhvan Media, a publishing company. She serves as guest editors for various fashion and lifestyle publications, and as icons of high-end lifestyle and fashion brands. She has just been appointed as the Head of Liaison of Jakarta Museums Foundation. Winda also donates her free time to revitalize the Kota Tua area as the Associate Director of Jakarta Old Town KOTAKU.

She earns her Post Graduate Diploma in Mathematics from the London School of Economics and Political Science before previously earning her Bachelor’s degree in the same field from The University of Melbourne.

Winda acknowledges strongly on the importance of soft-skills. “These set of skills has enabled me to be associated with with different leading roles, so any technical skills that I have can be effortlessly transferred between different jobs and different employment sectors. In Codeltra, we want you to realise that while your technical skills may get your foot in the door, your soft skills are what open most of the doors to come.”


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