Our Associates

Agatha Claudette Fujico Maukar

Faculty Director Branding Through People Facilitator

Blessed with an outgoing personality, Agatha brings a passion and liveliness to her courses that her clients really appreciate. Originally equipped with many years experience teaching English to a variety of people, Agatha has added public speaking, image consultancy and branding training to her areas of expertise. She is passionate about passing on her knowledge through encouraging and assisting others to dig down and discover their true potential.

Through her professional journey, Agatha has been fortunate to encounter those who have enriched her natural interpersonal skills allowing her to pursue her goal of empowering others through her own special talents. To Agatha, Codeltra Asia is the best place to pursue this goal while at the same time making a valuable contribution to Indonesian businesses and society.

“Living life to its fullest means making the best out of our talent and potential. Many don’t realize just how powerful their capacity is until someone helps it to be revealed.”


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