Codeltra Asia was founded in late-2013 by Sherly Worth, herself an AICI Certified Image Consultant, Executive and Lifestyle Coach. She developed the team and began offering programs to coach private individuals, public sector entities, and corporate executives in Personal and Professional Branding and Image Management. In 2016, Codeltra Asia launched Codeltra Asia Academy to create and develop the individual certified image consultants for the growth of the industry.

At the Codeltra Asia Academy, we believe that your success is highly correlated to your ability to master the materials provided by internationally-certified companies and organizations. Our company is a member and associate of the Association of Image Consultants International, the leading and largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide.

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Our Team

“Alone we can do little, together we can do so much.”

-Helen Keller



Sherly Kurniawan Worth

Chief Executive Officer, Founder, Lifestyle Career Senior Consultant, Corporate Trainer and Coach

“I believe that the key to success lies in unlocking our soft skills which we all masters, but rarely thought. The first impression, making the right conversations, wardrobe choices, communication skills, and networking skills, these are the tools that we will bring to you as an investment in your future.”

Sherly brought over 25 years of her business experience in corporate, entrepreneurship, politic and soft skills training certifications before founding Codeltra Asia. Her career spanned Canada, Singapore, and Indonesia, with senior level management success in Xerox Canada, Royal Bank Canada, Standard Chartered Bank Indonesia and Singapore. Her highest position in banking was Head of Corporate, Global Capital Market, for Bank of America, Indonesia.

Sherly has an in-depth cross-cultural exposure and highly upholding Asian values and Indonesian ethics. She is the pioneer in Image Consultancy and Professional Branding in Indonesia. Sherly has received her certification and training as Image Consultant from Christina Ong of the corporate of Image Mastery in Singapore, Carla Mathis of The Style Core, USA and advances Diploma from Lynn Marks of the London Image Institute. She is the founder of CODELTRA IMAGE ACADEMY, the Licence for ByFerial Image Consultant Training for Indonesia. She currently dedicates most of her time for image industry as the AICI Chapter initiator and founder for Indonesia.

Additionally, she is a licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. Sherly’s soft-skill coaching training has included Personal Development Training and Coaching (PDI Toronto, Canada) and Major Accounts SPIN Sales Training by Neil Rackham of Huthwaite Corporation. Her other qualifications include executive coaching, capital markets products and sales, news and current affairs content for social networking, advanced sales and networking techniques, negotiation skills, political campaign and personal branding.



Agatha Claudette Fujico Maukar

Faculty Director Branding Through People Facilitator

Blessed with an outgoing personality, Agatha brings a passion and liveliness to her courses that her clients really appreciate. Originally equipped with many years experience teaching English to a variety of people, Agatha has added public speaking, image consultancy and branding training to her areas of expertise. She is passionate about passing on her knowledge through encouraging and assisting others to dig down and discover their true potential.

Through her professional journey, Agatha has been fortunate to encounter those who have enriched her natural interpersonal skills allowing her to pursue her goal of empowering others through her own special talents. To Agatha, Codeltra Asia is the best place to pursue this goal while at the same time making a valuable contribution to Indonesian businesses and society.

“Living life to its fullest means making the best out of our talent and potential. Many don’t realize just how powerful their capacity is until someone helps it to be revealed.”



Winda Malika Siregar

Associate Director, Trainer

A prominent and well-respected name in Jakarta’s social scene, Winda Siregar is an Associate Director and a Trainer at Codeltra Asia.

She started her career in the fashion and media industry working as the Editor-in-Chief for L’Officiel Indonesia magazine when it was first launched. As of now, she is the Co-founder and Head of Lifestyle Division at Imagerie International, where she is responsible for producing photography and video exhibitions in many arts and fashion industry, as well as the President Director of Adhvan Media, a publishing company. She serves as guest editors for various fashion and lifestyle publications, and as icons of high-end lifestyle and fashion brands. She has just been appointed as the Head of Liaison of Jakarta Museums Foundation. Winda also donates her free time to revitalize the Kota Tua area as the Associate Director of Jakarta Old Town KOTAKU.

She earns her Post Graduate Diploma in Mathematics from the London School of Economics and Political Science before previously earning her Bachelor’s degree in the same field from The University of Melbourne.

Winda acknowledges strongly on the importance of soft-skills. “These set of skills has enabled me to be associated with with different leading roles, so any technical skills that I have can be effortlessly transferred between different jobs and different employment sectors. In Codeltra, we want you to realise that while your technical skills may get your foot in the door, your soft skills are what open most of the doors to come.”



Feby Bunga

Operations Manager

Feby has worked with many international companies to help them succeed in doing business in Indonesia. Her experiences include working directly for a multinational business consulting company, assisting high level executives become more successful, and business development involving large international companies. She is passionate about helping others succeed and has exceptional abilities to solve her client’s problems with the right approach. Feby is trained and experienced in Branding Through People® and Image Consulting. She is a Certified Image Consultant, member of Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Her willingness to share her knowledge and to help her clients apply the knowledge to make them succeed in both personal and professional environments make her well-suited as training facilitator.

“With Codeltra, I manage to find and how to be a better me. And I love to assist people to go through that experience.”



Michelle Kinghorn

Associate Director, Trainer

Michelle is a well-known young fashion designer in Indonesia as well as an entrepreneur with strong interpersonal and networking skills. Having studied as a young adult at various institutions such as Parsons in New York, Central St. Martins in London, ESMOD Paris and John Casablanca Finishing School, Michelle ultimately decided to pursue her degree in Fashion, Design and Textile at the European Institute for Design (IED) in Milan, Italy. She is experienced in event management, media communication, and fashion retail partnerships. Michelle is also a Certified Image Consultant, member of Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), who also acts as Education VP for the AICI Chapter in Indonesia, bringing with her an intimate knowledge in these areas that few others have.

“A good first impression is invariably the key to any great professional or personal relationship. Having a strong personal branding can be all at once captivating and intriguing – enabling one to secure that all important follow-up meeting with a prospective client or new affiliate. Indonesia is a rich country with much to offer and it is time to put Indonesia on the map…let’s sharpen up!’’


Nicola Harding

Associate Director

Nicola (Niki) was born in England studied Law and Economics before embarking on a career as a Foreign Exchange Trader in the City of London for HSBC. She moved to Sydney, Australia in 1993 and took up studies in Advanced Aesthetics, graduating with a Diploma as an Advanced Esthetician (ITEC – England) (CIDESCO – Australia) (CPEA – France). Niki now resides in Singapore and is a Certified Professional Image Consultant with Codeltra Asia, NLP Master Practitioner – Reiki Master Teacher – and Aromatherapist.

Niki is an Associate Director of Codeltra Asia Singapore and Academy Advisor . She is also a member of the NLP Business School of Coaching, and an affiliate of The Reiki Centre, Masters – Singapore.

Niki is passionate about healing others in a holistic environment through a combination of Image Consulting, NLP and Reiki. Empowering people to be the best version of themselves possible. She believe’s there are so many ways in which the body can communicate with our outside world and inside world and heal and restore itself naturally, we need to tap into our innate mind/body energy source.”

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